Sanitary Transport

When it comes to milk, dairy and other types of sanitary transport, America’s leading tank truck carriers choose Walker. Our proprietary frame and cradle design delivers a low tank weight, so you can carry more payload with every haul – improving your productivity and profitability.

Food Grade Transport

If you haul fruit juices, corn sweeteners, soy oils, or other bulk-liquid food grade products, Walker tank trailers can help you get the most from your operations. Similar to our sanitary models, our food grade trailers are designed to maximize payloads and perform under the most demanding conditions.

Sanitary Farm Pickup

Whether your farm pickup operations require truck-mounted tanks or tank trailers, Walker can help improve your productivity. Walker equipment is designed to deliver high operating efficiency, reduce maintenance and downtime, and increase your return on investment. We provide engineering expertise and an extensive range of design options so equipment can be customized for maximum operating efficiency and performance.